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It also has stopwatch counters for 12 hours and 60 minutes. The flyback chronograph allows for the measurement of split time. The caliber also allows the wearer to quickly change time zones.

In the four to five o'clock position, you will also find a date indicator.

zenith replica's Superocean M2000 Blackteel comes in a round case with a black PDV finish.roger dubuis replica watches As expected, the housing has a diameter of 46mm and a thickness of 191mm.

A screwed-in case-back made of solid metal, a diving bezel with a unidirectional ratchet, a screwed-locked crwon and two gaskets are also part of the sturdy construction. The cambered sapphire with anti-reflective surfaces on both sides is also included. To withstand the extreme pressures, the crystal is extremely thick. It measures up to 4 mm. The piece's weight without the attachment is exactly 141.15 g.

The wristlet of the Blacksteel limited edition watch is only available with a black leather strap.

The dial of the dark watch is also black and has three sub-counters. The face has oversized hands for the hours and minutes, and rectangular hour markers that are coated with a luminous constellation replica watches The black serrated bezel has a black serrated edge and a red central chronograph hand. There are also Arabic numbers in four cardinal positions on the black serrated face.