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Let's focus on the watch specifications that the brand with a winged B made for this project. roger dubuis replica's S3 ZeroG Chronograph has a 43mm diameter round titanium housing. It is made from a sturdy, light material. The construction also includes a sapphire double anti-reflective crystal that is surrounded by a rotating unidirectional bezel made of the same material as case. The solid metal case back of the watch has a special engraving that depicts a parabolic flight. This is just one of many details which show the origin and purpose of the timekeeper.roger dubuis replica The roger dubuis replica weightless flight timekeeper is waterproof up to 100 meters.

The thermo-compensated caliber B 73 is located inside the case. The "Super Quartz", a caliber made of ETA Thermoline base movement 251.232, is COSC chronometric certified as proof of accuracy. It has a chronograph with split times, and accuracy of 1/10th a second, a date display, and a GMT timezone display. The B 73 is powered by a battery which allows it to run between two and three year.

The roger dubuis replica ZeroG S3 Chronograph features a Volcano Black dial with Arabic numbers in various sizes and shades. The S3 logo is visible at the 8 o'clock time position. The watch also features four gray central hands (for the hours, minutes and chronoseconds) and three chrono counters. roger dubuis replica watches' special editions come with a black leather strap that features the S3 logo.

Space HeritageThis latest model from Grenchen is not the first watch that the brand has designed for weightless environments. The first model was the Navitimer Cosmonaute,Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Replica which was made in 1962 for Scott Carpenter, the legendary astronaut. This mechanical watch was the first wrist chronograph to be worn in space. roger dubuis replica celebrated the anniversary of this watch half a century after its launch with a new model. The watch that we reviewed two years ago at its launch, is still available. It has also been produced in rose gold and black titanium versions to complement the original steel version.